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On this version of the page, the flash worked fine until I previewed the file and left the HTML FOLDER option box checked and published.
During publishing, items uploaded by CSB previously were REMOVED from the hosted site.

FLASH PIECE to be uploaded by CSB (method #1) is NOW  MISSING.

The old ways to insert a flash file:
CSB will upload your FLASH file to the website for you.
-  Use a program to make flash & produce HTML code (ex: SWISH)
-  Edit code: place ^GEMDIR/ in front of the flash file name
-  Place code into an INSERT HTML  (Webgem in Trellix)
-  Place flash file into the WEBCOMPONENTS part of the INSERT HTML
-  File > Publish web site > Options > HTML Directory > Uncheck this box when you publish.
-  Publish

>>> THIS FILE WILL BE MISSING!  HTMLobj-xxx folder contents are removed!

CSB will link to your FLASH file that you have manually uploaded to your website outside of CSB!
-  Use a program to make flash & produce HTML code (ex: SWISH)
-  DO NOT edit code
-  Place code into an INSERT HTML  (Webgem in Trellix)
-  Publish

NEW FEATURE: Flash file insertion.
This new feature allows you to link to a flash file that you have MANUALLY uploaded to your website (using FTP software, control panel or file manager offered by your hosted website.  With this option, you do not need to insert CODE but you do need to know what your code information contains so you can set the options. You assign the location of the file and you set options within CSB.  When the page publishes, it will pull the file into the webpage, but only if you have uploaded it to your web space using another method.

TEST 1:  Flash in table, text in right column

This is an inserted flash inside a table.

Published properly on first try.