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Make your own Graphical Buttons

Per BRIAN with GlobalSCAPE: (posted on the GlobalSCAPE forum)

Button Trick - Create your own button

The button maker pulls its images from C:\Program Files\GlobalSCAPE\CuteSITE Builder\PagePlug-ins\Resources\GraphicalButtons. There are three images for each button. Note the naming convention and file type.

-a is default state
-b is hover state
-c is pressed state

There is an issue when you do this though. When you view the list in the button maker you will see that it is in alphabetical order. If you add new button, they will probably, alphabetically, fit somewhere in the middle. That breaks previous buttons you have inserted (only if you go back and modify them).

So, if you create new buttons, you should name them something like:



Addtitional notes by Sami:
Buttons that do not touch work fine.
Buttons that need to be against the previous one to create a constant menu bar will not work with this designer.  There will always be a space between the buttons when placed side by side.
Vector images best, but the ones shown here were originally gif images.
Must follow naming rules for the images you create
Must not remove images you no longer use (as those may be needed for other existing projects)
Must not reuse a name (always assign a new name to your own images)-