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These links have different colors... This is a new feature in CSB 5.

Just My Opinion...

I am being asked "what do you really think...tell me off the record...".

CSB 5 will not compete with Dreamweaver. Other products (like menu builders) will not interface with CSB 5. Some folks have expressed disappointment with this. They had higher expectations or hopes for the upgrade.

We did not get everything we asked for in this version or even some things I think SHOULD be in the program. They are listed among the many items on the wish list notes but I will not specify which items I definitely think should have been added.
Forms need help. Think they should have been upgraded further.
The new flash insert is kinda strange.
The thumbnails are nice. Wish we had choice for filmstrip gallery.
Strange bonking noise when publishing if password protection used on a page in the tlx file.  Get stalling during "determining updates required" and publishing.  Press cancel 2 or 3 times and you can continue the publish unhindered. Runtime error 75 is nastier now.

But having said that, overall, I am very pleased with the changes!
We did get some VERY NICE new features that integrate well with CSB and are still EASY to use. The basic program did not change.  The interface is almost identical to CSB 4 (Insert menu is a bit different).

- The graphical buttons work just FINE now when you set your own size instead of maintain proportions.
- I LOVE the upgraded link abilities (ON ROLLOVER: remove underline, and/or change color of font without having to assign a background color! YES!) Nice surprise on this one.
- Tables still work just FINE in the percentage settings.
- Password protection is simple and easy and much better than Trellix's old password protection webgem.
- Adding code to HEAD section is terrific.
These five features alone make the program worth the update from ALL Trellix and CSB versions! EVERYONE SHOULD DO IT.

Anyone who wants to continue to use the old Trellix or CSB should really think about getting this version of the program instead!

When we went up to version 4 we had a couple nice features...but this one has FAR MORE big changes that COULD greatly impact sites built with CSB. These are usable changes.

I highly recommend you purchase your upgrade product!

Just to be clear.... I do use other products (like CuteHTML, etc)  because CSB does not meet all my needs all the time.  But since I plan to continue to use CSB for many sites, it would be a very poor decision on my part to remain with version 4 instead of the better version 5, especially at this price!  I've upgraded home and office copies! Since I will continue to use CSB, I will be glad to have the new options to work with long term.

This recommendation to upgrade is just my product user's opinion having used several versions of Trellix and CSB. I look forward to using CSB5 instead of CSB4 for my daily work!