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Pet Photos - Simple Modifications

I used CSB to create the pages and the thumbnails.  Quick and easy.

Then I made a second photo sequence EXACTLY like the first one but modified it for a different look once CSB had created the pages for me.

1) I added a 3 column table to the left border.
2)  I moved the images and the text links to the left border table, off this main page.
3)  I copied the entire left border table (right click, select table, copy) and pasted it on each page in the sequence
4)  The thumbnails are now available from ALL pages in the sequence, but full page must scroll to get to view all thumbnail images.
Note that it took longer for me to type this information than to make the simple changes yet it has a dramatic change in the look of the gallery!

- For a framed version of the photo sequence, please visit this page.  With the framed version, there are MORE changes, but each large image will load into this page body.  Only one set of thumbnails is necessary, on the main page and only the thumbnails SCROLL leaving the page body in place!