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Templates for CSB

I did not make these templates.  They are collected from YEARS of using Trellix and CSB program.

I have separated the files I have into zip files for downloading multiple templates at a time.  Once you download, extract the folder to a folder in your My Documents folder to see the designs.  
Every template used by CSB must have a tld and a bmp/gif file.  These files can be put with all your other CSB designs in the C:\Program Files\GlobalSCAPE\CuteSITE Builder\WebDesigns or another folder of your choice.  
In later years, templates were wrapped in an EXE file.  These must be DOUBLE CLICKED to basically unzip the tld and bmp files.  Note that any of the exe files available here can be installed on ANY VERSION of Trellix or CSB.  But you may or may not be able to use them once installed.
To use these files, open CSB and choose Start With A Template function.  Your new web designs will be listed in the drop down box, either directly with the preinstalled templates, or under OTHER option and you can browse to the folder where you put them.
Some of the tld files will work as is.    
Some of the tld files will need to be CONVERTED to YOUR VERSION of CSB.  If you get a warning that the file must first be converted, no problem for most of them!
Close CSB and go to the folder with these special tld files.
DOUBLE CLICK the tld file to open it directly with CSB.
FILE SAVE AS and give it a new name, still using the tld extension!   I recommend you use the SAME NAME as they have and add your version number.  Example file name charcoal.tld becomes charcoal-4.tld if you have version CSB4, etc.  
Then you will need to COPY the BMP/GIF file that and make that name match your new tld file.  If you have a charcoal.bmp file, copy it and make it become charcoal-4.bmp.  
Now with a matched set, you can open CSB and choose Start With A Template function.  Choose your NEWLY NAMED design file and begin working!
No guarantees here.  Some of the tld files may be TOO OLD to use.  Some may have come from Trellix 2.0 or 2.1 and they MAY NOT convert properly.