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Hidden Site Map  

Surprise your visitors and save the page space at the same time...hide your site map!  It's easy!
It is available from all the pages on your site but not taking up valuable space unless your visitor wants to see it.

Provide an explanation on your main page, or provide a link to an instruction (I put the link to a mini window in a rollover button).
You can also provide a direct link to the FULL map page for your site.
Use Create Link to URL and  type in index_mf.htm

How to do it:
In your TLX working file, close the map (use F9), or menu choice Map > Hide Main Map.  
If you leave the map open when you publish, it will appear visible on your site at all times.
Check the box to publish the map with your site
Publish  (you must publish with FRAMES!)

Map tips:
Group pages in a logical format
Use color to set pages apart
Move semi-hidden pages far away from the main map so your visitor doesn't see them without really searching. (I have two pages  that are linked to by others but are not on the main area of the map.  I don't want people accessing them unless they get the right link....ex: the mini window used to describe the site map.  Just drag the edge WAY down and there they are!)
When you publish your map, those pages are ALL accessible to your visitors.  If you want to have truly hidden pages, put them into another TLX file and publish that file to a subdirectory without the map.
Place your map on the side or bottom of the page! From Curtis on the CSB discussion board: to move, or dock the map on the side, with the map at the top click the thin strip just above the map area but below the buttons and drag off to the the left or right side of your screen. You'll see a ghosted outline follow your dragging, and when you reach the *sweet spot*, the outline will switch to an up and down rectangle-thats when you release the mouse button.   See a sample of side map

Samples of some Trellix or CSB site maps that talk:

Code for rollover button
Just change the colors and the page address of the popup window to suit need and insert into a webgem (Insert > HTML).

<STYLE type=text/css>
#rollbutton a  {
     color: #000000;
     font-weight: bold;
     text-decoration: none;
     border:2px outset light gray;
     display: block;
     width: 85px;
                height: 26px;
     padding: 3px;

#rollbutton a:hover {
     background-color: #F4A460;
     padding-left: 3px;
     border:2px inset light gray;

<DIV id=rollbutton>
<DIV><A href="javascript:void(0)"
ONCLICK="open('id48.htm','miniwin','toolbar=0,location=0,directories=0,status=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=0,resizable=0,width=360,height=400')" title="Hidden Site Map!" onfocus="this.blur()"><center>SITE MAP</center></A> </DIV>