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CSB 5 Demo-Preview Bugs

This version of the file is designed to demonstrate the problems with CSB5 Preview.


The problem that only appeared in CSB4 (not in CSB3 or Trellix) was that if you checked the box and assigned a local HTML folder for your previewing it would cause music, sounds, files, images, etc to be removed from the website during publishing. Workaround was to UN-CHECK the box for local HTML folder when publishing to the web, checking the box when previewing. That issue is NOT resolved in CSB5.

BUG REPORT: Publishing still REMOVES content if the Local HTML FOLDER OPTIONS box is checked. Ex: graphical buttons only one layer remains, other two images are removed from server. Items inserted with INSERT HTML get taken off the site, HTMLobj-xxx folder get removed from the server.  This also happens for video and audio sounds input into CSB


- I published this tlx file under the temporary beta subdirectory of my site.

- Then I set my preview functions.  I defined my preview folder (had problem noted above)

If box is CHECKED:
PREVIEW will "publish" the files to the local hard drive using the folder noted instead of temp internet file folder.  If left checked during publishing to web, error happens-files are removed from website.

If box is UNCHECKED:
PREVIEW will "publish" the files to the local hard drive using the temp internet file folder.  If left unchecked during publishing to web, files publish fine.
Setting can be checked for preview, unchecked for publish but is a pain to check/uncheck when earlier versions (prior to CSB4 did not have the problem)!

- I tweaked the pages.

- I previewed.

- I then published.  During the publishing, the "tweaks" (changes) uploaded. Then several items were removed from the website.  They fly by on the screen, but I captured this one in the act...


To put the files back on the website it is necessary to UNCHECK the box for local HTML folder and republish.

View the FULL CSB 5 DEMO to see how good it looks when you publish with the box UNCHECKED.
The files load and the buttons and flash work fine.

In my CSB5Demo file, built from scratch with CSB5 and in other tlx design files, I have tried to define the LOCAL HTML FOLDER for previewing. I get these WEBSITE OPTIONS ERRORS:

Access Denied to C:\Documents and Settings\Samantha Conway\My Documents
Access Denied to C:\

But the program would allow me access to my desktop folder for my previewing:
C:\Documents and Settings\Samantha Conway\Desktop

I am using XP, the sole user of this laptop, have administrator rights, and am logged in as Samantha Conway. I can navigate to that folder and open anything in it. The tlx file is stored in that My docs folder. STRANGE!

UPDATE:  WORKING...All it took was creating a folder inside my My Documents folder!
Instead of C:\Documents and Settings\Samantha Conway\My Documents
I can use: C:\Documents and Settings\Samantha Conway\My Documents\csbbetapreviews
then assign a directory for each of my tlx previews: csbdemo, main, framedphotowizard, etc.