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Bottom line: the Trellix Web products are not supported and have been out of date for years. The only version of Trellix that can still publish to new sites is 2.7 Publish Anywere (a paid for version that was never free that you could define your own host). All the others depended on a registration site that was been dismantled years ago!

However, if you like the Trellix Web product, you can purchase CuteSITE Builder and continue to develop and design your web site. CSB5 will open the tlx file made by Trellix 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7. You can convert your file to the new format and keep going. All your work building the site is not lost.   

CSB 5 is no longer for sale!  If you already have the program follow these instructions to upgrade your program.  If you do not already own the last version, you can not purchase it.

CSB is cheaper than Frontpage and is the only program that will read your existing file.

If you were using Trellix PC installed software on your current machine, you will need to remove it before putting CSB on your machine for best results.

Recommended process is:
1. Always be sure you have good working copies of your .tlx design file(s). If you started to build a website, you have a .tlx design file on your computer somewhere. Put it in your MyDocs folder or somewhere safe away from the Trellix program files.

The file extension is shown at the end of the file name in your Explorer window if your computer setting allows it.

2. If you were able to publish with Trellix before it failed, record and verify your valid web site's userid and password and FTP address for each host/each site for publishing! If you do not have the information, contact your HOST for the info before going further. The free hosts like Tripod and Fortunecity should still allow you to publish to your EXISTING site and you just need to get the settings for your account.  See this page for assistance    NOTE: if you are upgrading from Trellix 2.7 Publish Anywhere version, make note of the SERIAL NUMBER in case you ever want to reinstall that program (it's the only one that will still publish to new hosts or can be reinstalled).

3. Uninstall Trellix Web completely (run the reg patch available from KW's website)

4. Download then install CuteSITE Builder

5. Open your .tlx design file

6. When you open a Trellix made tlx file, CSB will have a RED TOP BORDER and require you to choose FILE SAVE AS to convert the file to the new CSB5 format. DO NOT modify the file until you have done the FILE SAVE AS. Once the file is converted, you will always open the NEW version of the file, not the old Trellix version.

7. Configure CSB for your HOST. You will be able to put in the information that you saved from step 2 above.  Or you can seek a different host.  Your choice.  You will no longer be tied to only the host you have been using so if you want to move, you can.  See this page for more details on publishing settings.

8. Publish. If you have already installed CSB without uninstalling or patching the registry for Trellix, you may or may not run into program errors. Having Trellix program files on the same computer can interfere with proper running of CSB.

For more information about CSB visit KW's site and visit his FAQ page for even more info!

Use CSB up to 30 days. Try it out free - you have 30 days to test it out before you have to purchase. Yes, you can pay for the program online. There's a link under HELP in the program.

There are links to several user sites, to the CSB4 user guide, and many other resources on my site here.

I strongly recommend reading and posting questions on the globalscape discussion board because there are others with the same situation that need the answer too.  You'll get responses from me and several others - faster than an email to me since there's more people looking at the post and can answer (some times it is days before I can clear emails).