Modifying the Script - scrolling iFrame

Double click your HTML (webgem) placeholder to open and edit the code as noted below:

iFrame Page Code Modifications to suit your site:
Change the name of the page to your page!
This is the source for the iFrame content in these examples.
Example 1 uses src="external1.htm"
Example 2 uses src="external2.htm"
Example 3 uses src="external3.htm"
Width, height, marginwidth, marginheight, hspace and vspace in pixels
Frameborder [only two options for this:  0 is no border, 1 is a beveled window]
Scrolling=no  [This is for inclusion of scroll BARS!!! Leave set to NO.]
Exception: I wanted an iFrame with scroll bars that did not automatically scroll.  No content change needed.  
I used a scrolling iframe instead of a static frame, same background.   See it!   Settings I used:     
iFrame page: Frameborder value of 0, and scrolling set to yes
Content page: Both top and bottom scroll speeds set to 0 - mouseover - no change

Contents Page Code Modifications
TOP code
onMouseover="scrollspeed=0"  - This defines what happens when the mouse enters the iFrame.
Example 1 uses "scrollspeed=0"  to stop the scrolling on mouseover,use 0 here.
Example 2 uses "scrollspeed=2"  no change  (make the same as bottom code)
Example 3 uses "scrollspeed=4"  to speed up the scrolling speed on mouseover (set higher than bottom code)
onMouseout="scrollspeed=cache" - The scroll speed is set in the bottom code

scrollspeed=cache=2  - The larger the number, the faster the scroll, up to 5.
The first two examples use 2, the third example uses 1 for a slower scroll.
Adjust the onMouseover speed in the top code to speed it up, slow it down or stop it all-together.

Note about STATIC IFRAME scrollbar code:
This page has a scrollbar code added to it to cause the scroll bar to change to purple on a gray track.
This page uses: scrollbar-face-color:indigo; scrollbar-arrow-color:#FFFFFF; scrollbar-track-color:#C0C0C0;
Full code and instruction in second STATIC iFrame.

This page displaying iFrame Code Modifications is: id72.htm

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