Features of the STATIC iFrame
Links change the Content of the iFrame.  Several pages can be seen through this window.
No automatic movement of text.
Viewable area can be on your site or off.  No code needed on Contents page!
Scrollbar:  If content is too long, a scrollbar appears on the right side.
Static iFrame script "works in both IE4+ and NS6+, degrading well with the rest"

I placed a STATIC iFRAME (window) inside this table.  The white edge is the table background color, the gray area is the first iFrame Contents page! (id77.htm)
Samples and instructions for a SCROLLING iFrame will be viewed through this window.
Instructions for the STATIC iFrame window are below the table.

Click a link to see the content of this STATIC iFrame change!

IMPORTANT!!  This page is part of a tutorial. If a search engine sent you to this plain gray page, CLICK HERE!