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The form that CSB will generate using these instructions will NOT WORK now.
But CSB can still write form code for you that can be modified to run through a different server, such as

So, CSB can BUILD a form but it must be modified to use other PROCESSING.  This can be done with either
1) script on your site   2) hosted form server.)

The CSB form is very basic.  Terrific for beginners, and even experienced users that need a simple, fast, low tech form.
It's perfect for a contact, enrollment, survey, or questionaire form.
requires no coding/scripting
requires no installation
requires no cgi bin, or php ability
works with ALL hosts, free and paid
its fast and using the wizard makes it easy to build

Below is an example of the expanded REQUEST form made with CSB 5 form builder with:
regular text fields
new feature: drop down list
new feature: radio buttons
new feature: check boxes
new feature: ability to assign the font color
The new radio buttons and check boxes will add flexibility, the ability to make small survey forms, etc. and will add interest to CSB forms.

The CSB form has been improved but does not :
encrypt email to stop spammers from capturing email address
allow ability to define a thank you/response page URL
still has a limit of 20 fields

Though the CSB form can't do these things, without much difficulty, you can add scripts to the code to enhance your basic form:
allow required fields
disable enter key (to stop partial forms from being sent)
define a text box size, counting the

There is no way the CSB form can be used for everything. Sometimes you need more:
send a response or copy of the email to the sender
process more fields
process more than 10 forms per hour
upload a file to your website, or send one to you in an email
log the email to a txt file
use a database (ex: mySQL)
When you need these things, you need to turn to other form options. Use PHP or Perl (and CGI bin) scripts to process secure scripts.  These type scripts need to be updated often to remain secure so can not, should not be included in the CSB program!

First Name:
Last Name:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Add me to your mailing list
How often do you visit the GlobalSCAPE forum?:
How long have you used CSB:
New to CSB
Used CSB 6-12 months
Used CSB 1-2 years
Used CSB more than 2 years
Started with Trellix and upgraded [Old Timer]

Screen shots that show the form builder:

Click EDIT LIST CHOICES to get this window:

Click EDIT RADIO BUTTON CHOICES to get this window: