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Upgrade To CSB 5

Please read either of these two pages for the proper upgrade process to CSB 5:

From Trellix               From CSB3 or CSB4

Hosts will be LOST when you upgrade.  Please make note of them before you uninstall the current program.  You will need your username, password, etc. for each host and they will NOT be in CSB5 when you load it.  

- Before removing the old program, you should write down or take screen prints of the host settings so you can put them back in manually.
-  If moving up from a CSB program, you can export your host info from the registry, then import into registry again after you install the new program. Topic is discussed on the page noted above. The method to do this is for advanced users and explained here on my upgrade page.

Reading this AFTER you uninstalled and no longer have the information?
- You can use the EMAILS from your hosts or from your clients with settings
- You could contact your host or client for information.
- Did you make a restore point on your computer (ME or XP?) before uninstalling CSB4? If so, you could roll your computer back to before you took the program out of your machine.

>>>TRELLIX USERS....  These changes happened in CSB 3 and 4 so in addition to the new CSB 5 features, you also get:

The web host setup page allows enable/disable Passive FTP, and change the default FTP port number, new wizard for new hosts.
Build Your Own Web Gem (BYOWG) has been renamed Insert Your Own HTML, third party gems are gone.
Can publish to a local directory on your own machine (some versions of Trellix did not offer this option.
Publishing options offers choice to load the tlx design file to your website for backup.
Pages can be published as htm, php, asp, shtml, etc

Define your own custom fields

Url style links offer choice of TARGET (new window, etc)
Rollover link colors

Insertion of code using Insert HTML

I converted a Trellix 2.7PA file from my website archives to CSB5 without any problem. Consider moving up to CSB to greatly increase your abilities!