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CSB 5 Known Problems

Some bug fixes for known issues....Please open another window to the wish list notes for details on this.
CSB5 FINAL known problems: All of these things were well documented during BETA testing and since going into final version.. All of them seem to cause no long-term problem with the files.  

There are still some issues, all are carryover issues except one:

Bonking noise during publish - new CSB5

EXTRA WHITE SPACE problem demonstrated here.  

Still have the problem with Local HTML folder files disappearing. After looking at this area, please visit the modified demo (smaller version of this file) that is published WITH the Local HTML folder box checked...see what happens..missing website contents.  (So just uncheck the box before publishing!)

STUCK ON DETERMINING UPDATES - Have to cancel publishing (twice) and then publishing works fine

Locking up on occasion have also been reported along with runtime error 75.  Runtime error 75 has been around since Trellix times. Some machines have more problems with it than others.  

On CSB 4 I could close the program and open it again. Then publish fine.
What is NEW about runtime error 75 is the CSB5 program LOCKS UP. Have to CTRL ALT DEL Must use to END TASK on the task manager to get CSB5 to clear off screen. Never had to do that with CSB4 or earlier! 75 is nastier in CSB5. Get it randomly. Some days I get it several times, other days I can publish all day on several files or only one file and never get it!

Run Time errors happen for several reasons. And there seem to be two different solutions depending on your situation!

1) Low system resources. Shut down the program and restart it. Try to publish again. Often clears the problem. On some systems, problem is not cleared until you restart your computer.

Also if you are running alot of software at the same time as CSB and have a heavy file to load, you could be running low on resources and not know it. Try running CSB with no other programs running.

You may have things opening on startup that you don't know about, running in the background, robbing you of resources. To many of them can interfere by taking resources that are needed for active open programs. Example: qttask (quick time), realplay (realplayer), and many others are not needed at startup and will active when needed even if they do not load when the machine does.
Also if you have some form of infestation on your computer (trojan, virus, scumware, spyware, etc) your resources are being used up without your knowledge. That will take away from the available resources needed by CSB to complete the publishing process.

Try this test....with no programs running at all, press your CTRL ALT DEL once and in the TASK Manager, look at your perfomance tab. Don't touch your keyboard or mouse. Let the machine idle. What does it say for the CPU usage? The green bar on the left should be stable, should maintain at 0- 4% when you are on idle. If it is higher or spikes then your machine is trying to do something in the background and is using resources that you need for other things. Usual causes: infestations as mentioned above or corrupted windows or driver file that has windows constantly checking that file, or even a bad sector on your hard drive can rob resources with NO programs running!

2) Try clearing your temporary internet files. When you preview, the program may be storing a copy of the website files in your Windows temporary folder. Windows may not be able to update that folder. It may be full or too full to accept the full set of files needed to publish. Tools > Internet Options > Delete Files. If your system's temporary cache is full or windows THINKS it is near full, the program can not write to it easily. Clear it and it usually helps.

(confirmed again by a csb user last month that this resolved his constant problems with run time error: "I think many are caused through the over-writing of temporary internet files. Using the disk cleanup utlity in the Windows Help & Support centre immediately before publishing has erdiacted the problems for me")

In addition to the above 2 items, for CSB and Trellix 2.7 PA users: Define your HTML folder for previewing under the publishing options. Note: Before publishing to the web, uncheck the local HTML folder box and when you want to preview, check it again.