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This page (and this site) are not maintained by GlobalSCAPE.
Some of these are my ideas, some come from emails, and others are posted on the CSB discussion board.


= YES, GOT THIS ONE         = Very limited problem or there's a workaround that is simple        = This is a PROBLEM!

CSB 3 biggest wishes:
GlobalSCAPE use wish list to update CSB
They did.  Thanks Brian and GlobalSCAPE!
Install on same PC as earlier versions
Nope.  Not possible per GlobalSCAPE.
Fix all known issues
Publish then View causes lockups or other general viewing difficulties
Resolved using IE 6.0 or Firefox on Win XP.
Extra spaces below tables when placed inside other tables.
Resolved using the 100% setting on internal tables.  See examples and settings here.
Extra spaces below the bottom of large placeholder tables.
Works well on XP, appears to be fixed.
Links turn Black when you click them, during active state when you publish with frames.
Resolved. Fixed in version 5
Last line of paragraph is spaced differently.
Limited problem! This still only happens when the DEFAULT font size for the whole page is DIFFERENT than the paragraph being typed. If the paragraph uses same font size as default font size this does not happen. Read instructions to resolve.
Missing sound/image files when the option to publish to a local HTML folder is checked (used for preview function.
Must uncheck the local HTML folder box in publishing options before publishing to keep this problem from happening.
Seemed fixed in version 5 Beta 1, but it is not in Beta 2
See demo here of problem. look at button and flash pages.  Globalscape says this was fixed in final release, but it still happened to my files!
Extra white space to the right side or bottom where the background image does not tile fully.
Nope.  Shows up in testing.  View here.  NOT FIXED.
Runtime error 75 - random error during publishing
often due to low system resources in CSB 3 & 4 & Trellix
Shows up in testing intermittently.  ALWAYS locks up CSB5 and requires end task to close program.  This new version of this bug happens even when low resources is not the issue.  Have not seen it yet in final release but still on watch for it!
NEW CSB5 BUG!   Stops at "determining updates required"
Shows up in testing intermittently.  Must cancel publishing twice. Then publishing can proceed normally.   Have not seen it yet in final release but still on watch for it!
NEW CSB5 BUG!  BONK BONK!  Critical Error Sounds  while the file is converting to web format.  Possible cause:  The PHP website file for the protected page  is not supported in local computer system, but is supported by Linux systems after publishing.
This issue was reported and confirmed 01-01-06.  I had not encountered it until I added a password protected page to the tlx file and tried to publish.  Prior to that no sounds were heard by me.   Strange sound still happens in final release but does not interfere with publishing so far.
Borders -  allow selection of TYPE such as groove, inset, outset, dotted, dashed, double, ridge, maybe with a drop-down list.  
No Change from CSB 3 or 4
Borders - Make the UNCHECKED SHOW BORDERS option be equal to setting both internal and external borders to the dotted line setting which really turns off the borders in all  browsers so we don't have to set two settings everytime!
No Change from CSB 3 or 4
Size - make it possible to select either pixels or percentage.
New Terrific feature.  Successfully allows pixel or percentage setting which expands outer and inner layered tables to make them fit on all screen resolutions.
Can control % to full or partial expansion
One of BEST NEW FEATURES in the program!
Cell merges - sometimes produce unexpected results, expanding the table far wider than necessary.
No Change from CSB 3 or 4.  GlobalSCAPE could not replicate the problem.
Background - be able to use an image as the background of a table and/or table cell.
Nope.  Not possible per GlobalSCAPE.
Page format - if the table is placed into the page body, the table always shifts to left position when the format is applied to a page no matter the setting.
Nope.  Put table into Page Format, center it and it will appear in the left position when you apply that format to a page.  But table can be moved to proper position by UNLOCKING static text on the individual page and CENTERING the table. Each page that uses the page layout would need to be unlocked and table centered!  OR use code to insert the table into the page format.   See the samples here.
Limit - It seems that there is a limit on the amount of text a cell can contain.
No Change from CSB 3 or 4.  Add a new row, a new cell to resolve issue!
Text boxes - as an alternative to using tables, we would like to have the ability to drag and drop text boxes to allow the text to flow over an image, and have a drop shadow behind it.
Nope.  Not possible per GlobalSCAPE.
Links turn BLACK when you click them during the active state - This only happens when you publish WITH frames!
Resolved. Fixed in version 5
Tooltip/Titles - CSB inserts a tooltip for every link.  Instead of having to type title="description here" for every link, it would be very nice to have a box to type in a title, and maybe a checkbox that says you do not want a tooltip.  Could be on the link properties box with the target selection that was added for CSB4.
Target - provide a "Target=" drop down box when using the 'Create Navigational Link' feature
Email - Ability to create an encrypted email link, so that your actual email address is not viewable by robot programs.
Colors - allow links to use TEXT color assignments
New Terrific Feature  Easier to see the link colors on your design window. And allows links of different colors on the page or the rollover effect.   See it here.
One of BEST NEW FEATURES in the program!
Rollover - The rollover option provided by CSB now requires a background highlight color.  If we only want to change the font color on rollover, code must be inserted to do it.  Allow a checkbox to turn off the background highlight color on rollover.
New Terrific Feature  You can now turn off the underline (only on the rollover), have a background highlight color, or NOT! Nice new option. See it here.
One of BEST NEW FEATURES in the program!
Underline - CSB always underlines links.  Provide two checkboxes:  turn off underlines mouseover, and mouseout.  Currently requires inserted code.
See Rollover feature above.
Iframe - Setting an iframe link in CSB is shown below using the create URL link.
Limit - Appears that there may be a limit to the length of a url in a link.  Could it be expanded to suit the use of subdirectories in subdirectories....  (only 2 people reported this)
This does not seem to be an issue. Could be limited to specific situations - considered resolved.
Add a simple interface to include insert a basic static Iframe
There is no way the basic CSB form can be used for everything. Sometimes you need more:
send a response or copy of the email to the sender
process more fields
process more than 10 forms per hour
upload a file to your website, or send one to you in an email
log the email to a txt file
use a database (ex: mySQL)
When you need these things, you need to turn to other form options. Use PHP or Perl (and CGI bin) scripts to process secure scripts. These type scripts need to be updated often to remain secure so can not, should not be included in the CSB program!
assignment of a personalized "success page"
assignment of a personalized "error page"
bump from 20 max fields that will process through Globalscape server
Still limited to 20 fields even though the new features allow you to build forms with MORE than 20 fields.  CAUSES error and form will not process!
encrypt email address
allow a couple required fields
check box and radio button and drop down lists options
New Features work well
Placeholder image - Make the default image smaller so it can fit in a table.
Nope.  But easily can be manually replaced by CSB user so it is not a problem.  See instructions here.
popups - thumbnail to larger image a simple "add file box" like files for component would be a great way to set them into the web page and not so scary for newbies.
New Feature. Samples here.
Crop button for images doesn't work consistently.
Resolved. Fixed so it works on jpg images in version 5
popups - thumbnail to larger image, user choice:  check box for new page, same page, small window.
names - ability to check a box in the image properties to choose to override the CSB image name (like 28f2d1d0.jpg) with a text image name (like hissingcat.jpg).  
Use code to insert images instead if this is important. Container page or use FTP to upload images to website. See instructions here.
If the box is checked for a regular text name, a new folder called images should be created to store the named images
drag and drop - the ability to place images anywhere on the page and let go.  This includes allowing images to overlap
Nope.  Not possible per GlobalSCAPE.
borders - make it possible to turn on a border around the image
built in simple frame choices
add a drop shadow to the image
Insert >HTML     Webgems
Insert HTML Button on toolbar for quick access
Set code box to hold more bytes, bits, text, lines, etc. so it can hold larger codes.
Nope.  Very limited issue for people that insert very large codes!
Simple/basic a editing window or you could link to your own editing software (like CuteHTML).
Insert code that loads into the HEAD of the page
New Terrific Feature. See info here.
One of BEST NEW FEATURES in the program!
Make a check box that can only be used once per page to insert a code just before body tag (last thing on page)
Scripts! quick insert for some of the most used: date, time, no right click, no right click image only,etc.
Nope.  But lots of script sites available.  Check out or
Navigation Bar Builder- you can use to create navigation buttons for your site. Have a wizard that allows the building of navigation buttons (say up to 20).  Choose the pages you want to link to, select a button style, color, and add your button text.
Graphical Buttons - New Feature
Works well, easy to customize.
One of BEST NEW FEATURES in the program!
FLASH insert option
New Feature. Old ways to insert flash still work (and I like them better). New way has problems inside a table with text in same cell. Put text in different cell!
Page Layout
ability to insert component (image, sound, etc) for inserted HTML
When the default placeholder image is changed, it never changes this placeholder.  It must be manually changed every time.
CONFUSING question for applying layout
No Change from CSB 3 or 4. JUST SAY NO!
Page format
Ability to modify the <BODY> tag. Eg: to include the <BODY onload=...> option
Ability to add a <NORESIZE> tag so the frames are fixed size and can not be moved by the visitor.
Backgrounds placement for background image
No Change from CSB 3 or 4  Use CODE.Read more here.
Backgrounds  Add checkbox to add no repeat background code to page
No Change from CSB 3 or 4  Use CODE.Read more here.
Backgrounds  Add a checkbox to make page background %  so when window resizes, so does background image.
Backgrounds  If Transparency iframe wanted, the background color of the content page must be set to transparent for it to work.  Add a checkbox to the Page Properties
EDGES along borders have always been design window only
New Feature.  The edge lines now PUBLISH!  3d edge is gone but the flat edge publishes now.  See it here.
Export/Import HOST data the HOST data must be reinput manually

Turtle has come up with a way to export old settings in previous versions of CSB and put them in the new version without manual input.  His post is shown on the right side >>>
Need more explaination?  Read more here.

Worked well when the export is done on a machine with XP, when uninstall and upgrade are on the same machine.

I used this method to move settings from my desktop to my laptop computer. The workaround was PARTIALLY successful.  The hosts DO appear in my CSB 5 on the laptop but the registry does NOT show them in folders.
Turtle: This works for me, its worth a try before you uninstall previous version of CSB:

goto start > run > regedit
file > export
to export all to a folder as a backup
then go down to
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GlobalSCAPE\CuteSITE Builder 3.0\WPProviders\OtherHost
right click OtherHost and select export to the same folder using a file name like csb other hosts

remove csb
install csb 5
go back to regedit
and file import
browse to and select the file
csb Other hosts

and all your host setting will be there.
FTP ability We like the ability to add the components (sounds, images, etc) when using the insert HTML feature so they upload with the script.  But if we could also have a way to upload a file (such as FLASH, etc.) to the same directory as the tlx file is set to upload into (in other words not end up in a HTMLobj- or a Resource- folder).
Anchors -  Are inconsistent
No Change from CSB 3 or 4
Anchors - Need a way of clearing or deleting the old and unused Anchors from the "Choose An Anchor" dialog box.
Templates -  Offer more choices with next upgrade
New templates included See them here.
Clipart - some standard graphic images.
New feature. "business related icons such as arrows, envelopes, starbursts, phone operators, home, shopping carts and more"   Some would make nice graphical buttons if anyone wanted to convert them to match....
Templates -  institute a program that 5-10 more will be added to the download list each month.
No word on this.
Give us some sort of a "Repeat" capability, at least when editing text.
Colors - More supported colors with hex code input
New Feature - Impressive looking, colors are reordered.
CSB inserts a similar color one from the available 256 colors in the chart using eyedropper or hex code... Read more here.
Colors - larger color samples
Nope.  Smaller sample blocks.
Be able to change char set. The program doesn’t have the option to use charset=windows-1251, it has only one variant: charset=iso-8859-1.   For folks that would like to be able to use special characters, it would be nice to be able to change to other character sets.  (Specific request for Russian and other Cyrillic languages)
Can now add code to head of page.  This may resolve this issue....Untested.
Better documentation.
Slight changes from CSB 3 or 4
CSS Stylesheets - a checkbox that would switch to using CSS stylesheet and a way to include an external stylesheet (written in a page in the tlx file, just change the .htm to .css in dropdown).
Secure Server - I can't update my site, because they now need it encripted into SFTP (secure FTP)
Password Protected pages
New Feature.   PHP and ASP choices!  
Must use SAME password for every protected page in the tlx file.  No way to assign separate user names. Can make separate tlx subdirectories for each
One of BEST NEW FEATURES in the program!
Page naming - File Name
New Feature.  Based on page title now. Read more here.