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These links have different colors... This is a new feature in CSB 5.

CSB 5 Demo on Windows 7 or Windows 10

This is the 3rd version of this subdirectory!  The first version was made and published from XP.

This subdirectory design file was created originally on an XP system in 2006, moved the file, edited and published from the Windows 7 system in December 2010.   

Then after proving the program will work on Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit system, I have moved the design file
to a Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit system in February 2020.

Using this subdirectory to test all functions of CSB.

This section of the website is specifically designed to demonstrate the new special features in CSB 5.
This program is the most significant upgrade ever.  
(This subdirectory has been built from scratch using CSB5)

New features in the FINAL CSB5 are:
New Templates and variations
Graphical button builder - sweet new addition
Edge line publishes (no longer just a design window feature)
Link Colors are more versatile - lots of new choices here!
New Form fields and color very basic form with a few new options
Tables Expand to fit the window resolution size using %, but still allow the user to define pixels (fixed size if that's the preference).
Clip Art images in usable clean ICON STYLE graphics available in colors to coordinate with new templates and in small and large versions.  A couple examples of these new features are shown on the tables page.
Color Palette is reordered and has new interface options
Page Properties interface changes
Web Page naming (File Name) is faster and more obvious
HTML insertion into HEAD and other places
Password protected page that works within a subdirectory
Flash insertion has interface, options
Photo Sequence Wizard now makes Thumbnails - 3 samples
Some bug fixes for known issues....Please open another window to the wish list notes for details on this.

My personal opinion of the new CSB 5 if you want to read it.