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Link Styles 3

Define the TARGET of the link

You can choose to open a link several ways:
in the same window with target="_top"     (replaces current page, have to use BACK button to return to page)
in a new window with target="_blank"      (leaves current page and opens a new tab/window)
in a particular frame target="TRLX_Middle"
(if publishing with frames - this page is not published with frames)
in a particular window with target="FRAME1"  (See iFrame examples)
in the same window with target="_self"     (replaces current frame which might be the full page or just a part of it, used inside iframes)
in the parent window with target="_parent"     (replaces the overall frame which might be the full page containing an iframe window)

CSB 4 and CSB 5 have the TARGET option build into the link properties box.
Choose which one suits your needs best.

BLANK option is perfect for downloadable files.  Upload them to your host then use a URL style link to open them in a new window.
CSB 3:  Does not have the dropdown choice but you can add the TARGET statement behind the link itself.
Just add " target="blank   behind the link, leaving off the final " because the program will put it in for you.

You can also add a coment or statement about your link/image.  
Read more about hovering tool tip here.