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This is a test of the moving arrow head from Dynamic Drive - look at the top of the window!
arrowhead 1   arrowhead 2

It's simple to do!  Just copy this script into an Insert > HTML (Trellix webgem)
Just change the red item to your own title.  That's it!

//Arrow Head title- By Dynamic Drive
//Based on status bar script by Jason Rex (,
//Visit for full source code

//change title text to your own
    var titletext="Welcome to Sam's test of Arrow Head"
    var thetext=""
    var started=false
    var step=0
    var times=1

    function welcometext()
      if (times==0)
        if (started==false)
          started = true;
          document.title = titletext;
        thetext = titletext;

    function showstatustext(txt)
      thetext = txt;

    function anim()
      if (step==7) {step=1}
      if (step==1) {document.title='>==='+thetext+'===<'}
      if (step==2) {document.title='=>=='+thetext+'==<='}
      if (step==3) {document.title='>=>='+thetext+'=<=<'}
      if (step==4) {document.title='=>=>'+thetext+'<=<='}
      if (step==5) {document.title='==>='+thetext+'=<=='}
      if (step==6) {document.title='===>'+thetext+'<==='}

if (document.title)