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CSB Wish List

GlobalSCAPE even gave us some things that are not listed!
Read more here and consider upgrading for far more options!

It was taken into consideration by the GlobalSCAPE team when they made CSB5.
This page is no longer valid as is!

This page (and this site) are not maintained by GlobalSCAPE.
This is a compilation of requests/suggestions to improve the CuteSITE Builder product with a hope that some/most of these things would be addressed with the next release of CSB.  
Some of these are my ideas, some come from emails, and others are posted on the CSB discussion board.

If you would like to add something, please complete this form and I will post it here!

3 Biggest wishes asked for by CSB users:
That this page be used by Globalscape in the design/upgrade process!  
Be able to install the new CSB on the same machine as CSB4 so when the BETA comes out, they can run independently! With CSB4, you could not install it on the same machine as Trellix or CSB3, severely limiting the people that could BETA test it. Those of us that do not have 2 computers at home could not beta test CSB4. We want very much to beta test CSB5 when available and would not be able to if it can not run on the same machine!
Fix the "KNOWN ISSUES" (extra spaces, etc)

All CSB known issues. Important!    detailed and demonstrated here.
Extra spaces below tables when placed inside other tables.
Extra spaces below the bottom of large placeholder tables.
Links turn Black when you click them, during active state when you publish with frames.
Last line of paragraph is spaced differently.
Missing sound/image files when the option to publish to a local HTML file is checked.
Extra white space to the right side or bottom where the background image does not tile fully.
borders - more selections here.
make it possible to select the type of border such as groove, inset, outset, dotted, dashed, double, ridge, maybe with a drop-down list.  
make the UNCHECKED SHOW BORDERS option be equal to setting both internal and external borders to the dotted line setting which really turns off the borders in all  browsers so we don't have to set two settings everytime!
size - make it possible to select either pixels or percentage. Note same competitor offers this and iframes!
cell merges - sometimes produce unexpected results, expanding the table far wider than necessary.
detailed and demonstrated here.  design window is not WYSIWYG for this!
background - be able to use an image as the background of a table and/or table cell.
page format - if the table is placed into the page body, the table always shifts to left position when the format is applied to a page no matter the setting.  detailed and demonstrated here.
limit - It seems that there is a limit on the amount of text a cell can contain.
TEXT  BOXES - as an alternative to using tables, we would like to have the ability to drag and drop text boxes to allow the text to flow over an image, and have a drop shadow behind it.  See these samples:   first   second
CSB inserts a tooltip for every link.  Instead of having to type title="description here" for every link, it would be very nice to have a box to type in a title, and maybe a checkbox that says you do not want a tooltip.  Could be on the link properties box with the target selection that was added for CSB4.
Target - provide a "Target=" drop down box when using the 'Create Navigational Link' feature
Email - Ability to create an encrypted email link, so that your actual email address is not viewable by robot programs.   detailed here and here
Rollover - The rollover option provided by CSB now requires a background highlight color.  If we only want to change the font color on rollover, code must be inserted to do it.  Allow a checkbox to turn off the background highlight color on rollover.
Underline - CSB always underlines links.  Provide two checkboxes:  turn off underlines mouseover, and mouseout.  Currently requires inserted code.  No underlines demonstrated here      Underline on mouseover demonstrated here.
Iframe - Setting an iframe link in CSB is shown below using the create URL link.
The target iframe must be manually typed in despite a drop down for target choices.
Please provide a check box for Iframe with a field where we can type a Iframe name.

Reason:  The code as generated by CSB today repeats target statement 3 times!  See code below from my iframe tutorial page:
<A HREF="frame4silky.htm" target="FRAME4" TARGET="_top"   TITLE="frame4silky.htm" target="FRAME4"><U><B>SILKY</B></U></A>
Limit - Appears that there may be a limit to the length of a url in a link.  Could it be expanded to suit the use of subdirectories in subdirectories....
63 char will work:
(Note: reported on the CSB discussion board that 63 was max when a 68 character link would not work. But it has since been tested with a 75 char link which did work:
Iframes - Please add a simple interface to include insert a basic static Iframe similar to this window.
More elaborate (scrolling content, double iframe change with one click, hovering, etc could still be done with inserted code).
iframe interface
(image captured from a competitor product)
Needs a field to type the URL contents of the iframe.
and placeholder image choice.
For Clarification for novice user change interface:
have check boxes for PIXELS, and PERCENT
say SCROLL BARS not scrolling  
say SHOW BORDER instead of show frame
An interface like this could generate this type of code:   sample code is using pixels instead of %
<iframe name="FRAME3" src="frame3link.htm" width="100" height="280" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" ALLOWTRANSPARENCY=TRUE></iframe>
Note: instead of an image place holder for this one, it would be nice if a black or white (we would need the choice of color) filled rectangle (the size specified) could be used as an automatic placeholder.  Then our design window would hold the WYSIWYG placement much better!  
Forms - Have more control with the form layout to allow
assignment of a personalized "success page"
assignment of a personalized "error page"
personalized "thank-you response" email back to the person that submits the form would be appreciated
bump from 20 up to 25 max fields
allow a couple required fields
encrypted email again
check box and radio button and drop down lists options
Export/Import HOST data - Though the tlx design file can be saved and used later after a reinstall on a machine, or carried to another machine, the HOST data must be reinput.  For those folks that create several sites, on several hosts, this is a pain when the program must be reinstalled.  Also for folks that use a laptop and desktop to work on the same site(s).  Being able to import the host info would be a time saver.

Placeholder image - Make the default image smaller so it can fit in a table.  Though it is easy to replace, newbie users would appreciate a smaller image that does not play havoc with the design window. (See inserted HTML for additional comment)
Images -
popups - thumbnail to larger image a simple "add file box" like files for component would be a great way to set them into the web page and not so scary for newbies.  Check box for new page, same page, small window.
names - ability to check a box in the image properties to choose to override the CSB image name (like 28f2d1d0.jpg) with a text image name (like hissingcat.jpg).  Many of us appreciate the disguised image name (so photos can not easily be grabbed by GOOGLE and other search engines and put into the public domain.  But others would like the capability to have regular image names.  Some one has also asked If the box is checked for a regular text name, a new folder called images should be created to store the named images.
drag and drop - the ability to place images anywhere on the page and let go.  This includes allowing images to overlap as seen on this page made with Publisher with drag &drop capabilities, and this page made with Coffee Cup Visual Site Designer.
borders - make it possible to turn on a border (similar to table border request) around the image setting size from 0-99 as shown below, or and a few simple built in frame choices, and to add a drop shadow to the image as shown in the second sample under drag and drop.

These images were placed into the page using Insert > HTML so borders could be added.
             no border                    border=1                           border=5                             border=10
The last sample has border and inline style settings for color and inset.
<img src="^GEMDIR/SnakeFace2.jpg" border=10 style="border-color=#6600CC; border-style:inset" >
Insert >HTML     Webgems
On the old Trellix, there was a button on the toolbar that took you to the 'wegems'.  Would be nice if we had that button back for a shortcut to insert code.   
Set it to hold more bytes, bits, text, lines, etc. so it can hold larger codes.  I ran out of room when pasting in a large code for Excel Everywhere calculation and wanted it to be in a page not a captured resource.  demonstrated here.
Would be nice if inserted html had simple/basic a editing window or you could link to your own editing software (like CuteHTML).
Ability to select/add several items into web components at one time, instead of one at a time.
Would be great if we could insert code that loads into the HEAD of the page.  All inserted HTML currently goes into the BODY of the page.  Could have a check box that allowed choice for head of page otherwise will end up in body.  
Some inserted code must be the last thing before the BODY tag (example All Web Menu).  Make a check box that can only be used once per page to insert a code just before body tag.  Even if it is last on the page now, it may not be last before BODY tag.  No way to control that now.
Scripts!  CuteHTML offers some the choice of some standard scripts from Dynamic Drive, Java Script Kit, etc.  Please give a quick insert for some of the most used: date, time, no right click, no right click image only.  For scrolling banner, a simple input box like file download would be simple way to define the statement.
Navigation Bar Builder -  you can use to create navigation buttons for your site.

(image captured from a competitor online product)

Have a wizard that allows the building of navigation buttons (say up to 20).  Choose the pages you want to link to, select a button style, color, and add your button text.

Page layout:
Though CSB4 added the ability to add HTML to page layouts, we still need the ability to insert component (image, sound, etc) for inserted HTML.
When the default placeholder image is changed, it never changes this placeholder.  It must be manually changed every time.
If you have manually changed the page formats on each page, when you try to FORMAT > APPLY PAGE LAYOUT and choose all pages, you get an alert something like "you have changed the format, Do you want to keep your changes?"  It is asking if you want to keep the little changes you made on each page so must answer NO or the new format will not be applied.  But since you are applying a new format, that is also a change- which change are you asking to keep??? The question is VERY confusing!  Make a statement like: "The global page format will now override any changes you made to individual page formats. Do you want to abort process?"  Answer would still be NO, but would be an understandable choice.
FTP ability - We like the ability to add the components (sounds, images, etc) when using the insert HTML feature so they upload with the script.  But if we could also have a way to upload a file (such as flash, etc.) to the same directory as the tlx file is set to upload into (in other words not end up in a HTMLobj- or a Resource- folder). Some scripts just do not run well from within a subdirectory folder.  The interface could be similar to the file download box with a simple browse button to select a file or use something similar to the container page interface.
Note:  The use of HTMLobj and Resource folders is what causes the problems for the folks in Switerzand.
Maybe having the additional upload feature would resolve this rare issue:

On the ISP I use with CSB3 here in Switzerland my site will not publish since it contains HTML-objects (Acrobat and wave files). Publishing goes fine the first time (to an empty server folder) but not afterwards.  Even if I change only a single comma on the index.htm page and nothing else, publishing will fail with the error message that the server cannot delete the HTML-objects/ subdirectories (where nothing has changed). OR, as just happened, it will re-publish all pages and then REMOVE the HTML objects as so much useless nonsense, I suppose. On other ISP:s this does not happen: the publishing just merrily skips past unchanged objects, and updates the pages as required. My only clue is that the balky server runs the Solaris OS, a fact which I must specify even when using WS_FTP95, which remains the only way of publishing my site to this ISP.  The site in question sits under:   posted:  by Bengt Sagnell
Anchors -  
Are inconsistent - framed and non-framed sites.  Make anchors consistent please!  
Need a way of clearing or deleting the old and unused Anchors from the "Choose An Anchor" dialog box.
Templates -  Offer more choices with next upgrade and institute a program that 5-10 more will be added to the download list each month.  
Page format -
Ability to modify the <BODY> tag. Eg: to include the <BODY onload=...> option  discussed here
Ability to add a <NORESIZE> tag so the frames are fixed size and can not be moved by the visitor.
Backgrounds -
Currently, the little boxes do not work to choose middle, etc placement for background image. Would be nice if choosing them actually had an effect on the background.  Right now, it is necessary to use code to overcome the lack of settings allowed by the program.  detailed and demonstrated here.
Add checkbox to add no repeat background code to page:
<style type="text/css"> body {background-repeat: no-repeat;} </style>
Add a checkbox to make page background %  so when window resizes, so does background image.
If Transparency iframe wanted, the background color of the content page must be set to transparent for it to work.  Add a checkbox to the Page Properties - background choices to produce this code:
<style type="text/css"> body {background-color: transparent} </style>

Miscellaneous -
Give us some sort of a "Repeat" capability, at least when editing text. This capability is very common in other applications.
Depending on the screen resolution used, the color boxes in the color picker can be so small that they are very hard to click on, or that you can't see the difference between similar colors, or both. Give us an option to make the boxes bigger. (Sort of like the small icons or large icons option on the Windows desktop).
The program doesn’t have the option to use charset=windows-1251, it has only one variant: charset=iso-8859-1.   For folks that would like to be able to use special characters, it would be nice to be able to change to other character sets.  (Specific request for Russian and other Cyrillic languages)
Note that when other characters are used in the tooltips (title="") and other places they often do not appear.  detailed and demonstrated here
Better documentation.
More supported colors! With Hex code input.
CSS Stylesheets - a checkbox that would switch to using CSS stylesheet and a way to include an external stylesheet (written in a page in the tlx file, just change the .htm to .css in dropdown).  Since CuteHTML has this function, maybe it can be imported?
Secure Server -  This posting was on the discussion board:  "I can't update my site, because they now need it encripted into SFTP (secure FTP). They're telling me to go to MS Frontpage (been there done that) and I'd rather eat glass." How about adding it in the next version?


Add a wish to the list!

Add a wish to the list!
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