CSB-Trellix TEST AREA 2:
NOTE: This site is constantly being updated and expanded.   If you have visited before, you might have to reload/refresh the pages to get the newest version of the pages.

CSB4 Rollover links - highlight, change font, etc.
Link Styles 1 - individual links
Multi-color and other inline-style settings
Link Styles 2 - group of links
Change style settings for a group of links
Link Styles 3 - TARGET setting for links
Define where your link will open
Test link settings what will and will not work in frames and or not

Websafe Fonts and tests - some won't bold

Change Placeholders - use an image that makes sense!
[This test area is published without frames]

Arrowhead - moving title on page header
Make your page top have a moving arrow
==>==> TITLE <==<==
Blinking Text - A statement blink on and off
Color Blind - Check your website or images for color-blindness compatibility
Alert Box - Popup alert messages
Special Hover Tooltip - text in colored box
Overlib Hover Tooltip - more options!
Quote of the month - Announce a special, a theme, sales goal, etc.
Map to your location! - link to MapQuest
EMBED a video on your webpage.
Streaming audio on your webpage.

IFRAMES - Window to another page
Static with links and Automatic Scrolling
See another page without leaving the one you are on.  Change content of windows with links.
SPECIAL TARGET LINK - change two iFrames at the same time (two demonstrations)

Finance Calculator - British pounds
I can convert your spreadsheet!

purple arrow Visit my web building resource page for links to great programs, sites, scripts!

These tuturials are designed to show that code from Dynamic Drive, Javascript Kit, and other places can be placed into a CSB or Trellix tlx file using Insert > HTML code (Webgem in Trellix). Some tests on these pages were created not as tutorials, but to check a possible problem in a tlx file, or in the program itself and used to document program release bugs.

I have placed a new pages "basics" on the tables above.  These are planned pages that will be added shortly.

These are not intended to show the only way something is done, or the best way to do something!
I am not a programmer or professionally trained.  I am just a user of Trellix and CSB.
These are samples and tests I have done to assist others in building their websites or to learn features for use in my own projects.